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Source: [1]

( Included in syslinux 3.71 )

(from chain.c comment)

Chainload a hard disk (currently rather braindead.)

Usage: chain hd<disk#> [<partition>] [options]
       chain fd<disk#> [options]
       chain mbr:<id> [<partition>] [options]
       chain boot [<partition>] [options]

... e.g. "chain hd0 1" will boot the first partition on the first hard disk.

The mbr: syntax means search all the hard disks until one with a specific MBR serial number (bytes 440-443) is found.

Partitions 1-4 are primary, 5+ logical, 0 = boot MBR (default.)


  • file=<loader>: loads the file <loader> **from the SYSLINUX filesystem** instead of loading the boot sector.
  • seg=<segment>: loads at and jumps to <seg>:0000 instead of 0000:7C00.
  • ntldr=<loader>: equivalent to -seg 0x2000 -file <loader>, used with WinNT's loaders
  • freedos=<loader>: equivalent to -seg 0x60 -file <loader>, used with FreeDOS kernel.sys.
  • msdos=<loader>:
  • pcdos=<loader>: equivalent to -seg 0x70 -file <loader>, used with DOS io.sys.
  • swap: if the disk is not fd0/hd0, install a BIOS stub which swaps the drive numbers.
  • hide: change type of primary partitions with IDs 01, 04, 06, 07, 0b, 0c, or 0e to 1x, except for the selected partition, which is converted the other way.