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Procurve 1700/1800 Bridge Forwarding Table

Use the following software: ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool.

Load the rfc1493.mib.

Set the oid to dot1dTpFdbTable.

Click the View SNMP Data Table button.

For a commandline equivalent:

snmpwalk -v 1 -c community BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dTpFdbTable


20160810 - Created a PHP page to build a table showing the dot1dTpFdbTable results: (protected)

Monitoring STP Port States


Verified the information below against an HP Procurve HPE 1910-24-PoE+ (190W) Switch JG539A (20171212) - Port Admin Status - Port Name - Port Type (6=Ethernet) - Port Operational Status (1=up, 2=down) - STP Root OID - STP Port States
Enumeration (1-disabled, 2-blocking, 3-listening, 4-learning, 5-forwarding, 6-broken) - STP Root Port (Index) - STP Time Since Last Topology Change

Example: - Port 25 Operational Status - Port 25 STP Status

Other interesting OIDs