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So I had my first MRE today. It was an APack Ready Meal, which, after reading the companies Our History section, I believe is an HDR (Humanitarian Daily Ration). They have six varieties, and I had the spaghetti with meat sauce. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't mom's spaghetti, but it was better than any cafeteria or retail spaghetti I've had before. It actually had flavor and spice! The flame-less meal heater was the really cool part. After heating the meal for 12 minutes, the spaghetti was actually to hot to eat right at first! A case of 12 are $60... that's $5 per meal.

Tomorrow I'm going to try an actual military MRE by the same manufacturer.

MREs are definitely now a part of our full size 72 hour kits, as well as extended food supplies.

Hurricane Preparedness

Lessons learned from hurricane Gustav

  • Listen to the wife when she asks you to go get ice.

Things to do for future preparedness

  • Solar charger