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ScanAmerica Listen to live radio traffic from police and fire departments across America.

FluTracker Tracking the progress of H1N1 swine flu

Global Security Articles relating to...Global Security

Danger Room | Wired Defense Blog with some good info, but a little less "professionally polished" than articles elsewhere

Threat Level | Wired Blog for Crime/Fraud trends/articles

Global Incident Map Charts all sorts of articles relating to crime, terrorism, politics, disease/famine, etc on world map. Subscription may be required.

IMINT & Analysis Good investigation and interpretation of overhead imagery.

STRATFOR Global intelligence articles

NCTC CounterTerrorism Lots of good info relating what types of attacks there have been and signs of them

JihadWatch Self explanatory Open source documents/translations/articles for gov/state/local employees and contractors

Satellite Imagery Websites- From ShadowSpear Lists various overhead imagery sites

North Korean Economy Watch Documents happens in North Korea and patches together maps/infrastructure from open source information

Israeli Intelligence & Terrorism Center Self explanatory

CIA FOIA Agency FOIA Reading Room

NIST Computer Security Division Publications Papers and standards on computer security/FISMA

DHS Open Source Infrastructure Report Daily PDF/email source for domestic DHS newsworthy items (Nuclear, Defense, Industrial, Health sectors, etc) Gets my recommendaton

US & Coalition Casualties - CNN Self explanatory (name, age, unit, hometown, details)

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan/Iraq

Remote Sensing Tutorials In depth examples of Remote Sensing exercises Wayback machine...find old webpages or snapshots of webpage's former view (Have to use to see original site with links)

SlashGeo Intersection for Spatial People (Google Earth, GIS, Remote Viewing, etc)

National Security Archive (@ GWU)

National Intelligence Council (NIC) Council that reports to DNI has publications, presentations, etc.

RAND Corp. No introduction necessary

Maritime Terrorism Plenty of piracy-related news

Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) Proliferation Plenty of MANPADS resources

New Wave Markets Investment intelligence on emerging markets (BRIC), useful for assessing infrastructure etc., powered by the Economist Intelligence Unit

The Dark Visitor Blog on Chinese internet landscape in general and IW in particular.

Intel Fusion A much wider-focussed blog on cyber warfare

Scramble Shows deployments/ORBAT of Chinese planes of all branches

Free Korea Another North Korea-related website

International Relations and Security Network Usually pretty good analysis on a wide range of topics

Small Wars Journal Website on LICs, founded by Marines

Relief Web Has a good map center, updated info, particularly on Africa, as well as links to jobs in security with humanitarian missions

Small Arms Survey Lots of resources if you are involved in tracking small arms and ammunition

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Analyst Excellent resource on a very pertinent region, perhaps slightly too *academic*

World Although it has a heavy ME focus (which might actually suit you), this news source is also strong in terrorist chatter and cyber articles

Political and Security Risk in China This is my own section of the above website that deals with geopolitics and security related to China. A wide range of topics are addressed, updated usually once a month.