Mikrotik Upgrading

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Upgrading to the latest version 5 using the fetch tool

/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v5/routeros-mipsle-5.13.npk
/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v5/routeros-mipsbe-5.13.npk
/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v5/routeros-powerpc-5.13.npk
/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v5/routeros-x86-5.13.npk

Don't forget to check the Routerboard BIOS firmware level!

Upgrading to the latest version 4 using the fetch tool

The router you are upgrading must meet the following prerequisites:

Be at version 3.30 or higher
Have a license that allows upgrade to at least version 4
/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v4/routeros-mipsle-4.17.npk
/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v4/routeros-mipsbe-4.17.npk
/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v4/routeros-powerpc-4.17.npk
/tool fetch url=http://spamfilter.bignetworks.com/mirror/mikrotik/v4/routeros-x86-4.17.npk

Don't forget to check the Routerboard BIOS firmware level!

Upgrading to version 3.30 using the fetch tool

/tool fetch address=spamfilter.bignetworks.com src-path=/mirror/mikrotik/v3/routeros-mipsle-3.30.npk
/tool fetch address=spamfilter.bignetworks.com src-path=/mirror/mikrotik/v3/routeros-mipsbe-3.30.npk
/tool fetch address=spamfilter.bignetworks.com src-path=/mirror/mikrotik/v3/routeros-powerpc-3.30.npk
/tool fetch address=spamfilter.bignetworks.com src-path=/mirror/mikrotik/v3/routeros-x86-3.30.npk

Don't forget to check the Routerboard BIOS firmware level!

Routerboard BIOS firmware level

The RouterOS software upgrades always include Routerboard BIOS updates. To check if you need to update the BIOS, us the following command:

/system routerboard print

The output will look something like this:

[admin@mikrotik] > system routerboard print 
       routerboard: yes
             model: "1100"
     serial-number: "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
  current-firmware: "2.29"
  upgrade-firmware: "2.30"

If the upgrade-firmware is newer than the current-firmware version, use the following command to upgrade the BIOS firmware:

/system routerboard upgrade

Once you have issued this command and pressed yes, the BIOS firmware is upgraded. You will need to reboot the router after the update.