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Issues with the System Attendant Mailbox When Moving an Exchange Mailbox Database

Recreating the System Attendant Mailbox

  1. Open up ADSIEdit
  2. Connect to the configuration context using the pdc/gc (it should be automatically selected for you when you choose the configuration context)
  3. Navigate to Services / Microsoft Exchange / Organisation Name / Administrative Groups / Administrative Group / Servers / Server Name / Microsoft System Attendant
  4. Right click on the "Microsoft System Attendant" object and choose properties
  5. Choose "HomeMDB" and click edit
  6. Change the CN of the mailstore to the one you wish to move the System Attendant into
  7. Click ok and exit adsiedit
  8. Restart the System Attendant service
  9. In Exchange System Manager, right click on the Mailboxes folder of the mailstore that used to house the system attendant and choose "Run Cleanup Agent" (you should see the old System Attendant mailbox turn into a disconnected account ready for purging)
  10. Right click on your Exchange Server and choose "Start Mailbox Management Process" (this should force the Exchange system to create the new System Attendant mailbox)
  11. Check to make sure the new System Attendant account has been created in the correct mailstore, also open Outlook and attempt to conduct a Free/Busy search in the Calendar, if both of these are fine then you can purge the old System Attendant account