Meal Notes - 20140626

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Thursday, 26 June 2014


  • Chicken with Maple Bourbon Glaze
  • Asparagus in Brandy Sauce
  • Bulldog Root Beer from World Market


  • I think I'm going to use this method for cooking chicken from now on. The batter was a little mushy after the chicken sat in the pan for the last 10 minutes, but the chicken was perfect!
  • The glaze was meant to be basted on still cooking chicken. I used it as a sauce. Had a great flavor. Would be better if there was a heat component (the small amount of cayenne pepper wasn't enough).
  • The asparagus was perfect, although I definitely didn't make enough. I should have thrown some mushrooms in at the end.
  • The Bulldog root beer was made with honey. I think I may like it better than Thomas Kempers (also made with honey).
  • Bourbon was Maker's Mark.
  • Brandy was Remy Martin VSOP Cognac.

Source recipes for tonight's dinner

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