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Viewing current bash session history



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> If press Ctrl-S in rxvt running bash and then the bash becomes inactive,
> i.e. does not response to any key stroke. I have to open another rxvt
> and kill -9 <pid>.  Is this a feature or a bug?  I found that in the dos
> prompt box bash is never affected by the ctrl-s.

Ever heard of XON/XOFF  ASCII characters?

 XOFF - stop transmitting   (CTRL-S in many cases)
 XON  - start transmitting  (CTRL-Q in many cases)

 Try CTRL-Q when your "bash becomes inactive"

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find and printf

find . -maxdepth 1 -printf '%CY%Cm%Cd.%CH%CM\t%s\t%f\n'