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Quark Smart Programming

This information is based on the topic found here

Quark QSL-AF User Manual

Programming Pro-Mode

  • Reset the light to the default mode
  • Press the side switch 5 times. The light will blink red five times to indicate it is ready to change the mode.
  • Double click the tail switch. The side switch will blink 1 (pro mode), 2 (tactical mode), or 3 (infinite mode) times.
  • Press the side switch once to save that mode.
  • To turn off the Bluetooth radio, click the side switch 10 times. You will have to use an Bluetooth phone or tablet to determine if the radio was actually turned off. To turn it back on in the future, click the side switch 10 more times.

There are features of the light that are only accessible using the Apple IOS app. No app was ever made for Android.