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Novatac Flow Chart

Novatac 120P/85P Condensed User Manual

NovaTac EDC - Undocumented Features Discovered (Backdoor/Easter Egg) - The Missing Manual

The procedure to enter the options menu via the "back door" and enable "customization mode", is as follows...

1. Turn the light on to Primary brightness with a single click.

2. Click the button 250 or more times. (These clicks must be in rapid succession. The light should stay on Primary brightness during the 250 clicks.)

3. After you have completed 250 or more clicks, hold the button down for one second (press). You have now entered the options menu. Your light should now be flashing to indicate Option 1 (emergency strobe).

4. Click through the menu options until you get to the last option (Option 9: Ramping/Options Menu). This option, turns the ability to program the light on and off. This "customization mode" is turned OFF by default on the T and E models and ON by default on the P model.

5. Select this option by holding the button down. (light will ramp up in brightness to indicate that you are selecting the option)

6. Turn the light off. (single click)

7. Done. You can now access the options menu with a Click-Click-Click-Press (as per P model), all options, brightness levels and strobes are now available to you. In fact, the light now behaves exactly as the NovaTac users manual for the P model describes.

What the manual left out: (P model owners, you have not been forgotten) It would appear that the "back door" and Option 9 are a "customization mode". By default the P model ships with customization mode enabled, while the T and E models ship with customization mode disabled. So, this is useful for all NovaTac EDC owners, NOT just T and E owners. You can now set your options and brightness levels how you like them, then disable Option 9 to prevent your settings from being changed inadvertently. If you want to re-program your light in the future, simply enter the "back door" and re-enable Option 9.

Here's a quote from the manual concerning Option 9, with my comments in bold: Quote: Originally Posted by Flashlight User Guide EDC- 85P or 120P "The Ramping/Options Menu option is used to disable (or enable, as it turns out) the Brightness Ramping and Options menu, preventing further configuration changes (i.e. exit customization mode. Re-enable it to re-enter customization mode). Perform a factory reset to re-enable the Brightness Ramping and Options menu. (Yes, it's true a factory reset will return your flashlight to it's default settings. For a P model this WILL enable customization mode, but you WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR SETTINGS. Why not just enter the back door and re-enable customization mode?)"

Having problems? If you are having trouble programming your brightness levels, check to make sure option 4 is enabled. Also, some members are reporting that sometimes setting a certain brightness level will set another brightness level at the same time. This happened to me too. In my case I did a factory reset, then re-enabled customization mode and it stopped happening. Another member reported the factory reset did not cure the problem. The cause and/or absolute cure for this have not yet come to light, but try a factory reset as it did work for me.

Reversal: At any time you can perform a factory reset and go back to your original default settings.