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Circuit ID Four Letter Codes

DHDC   T1 Private Line (point to point) (Verizon)
DHEC   1.544 Mbps T1 (24 channels) (AT&T MIS T1)
DNEC   T45 (28 x 24 = 672 channels)
DZZD   D channel on PRI circuit
HCFU   T1 - Usually wholesale circuit sold to CLECs. Most are referred to unbundled network elements or "UNE" (YouNEE) T1s.
HCGS   T1 - Designated as "Special Access" circuits usually hybrids, For example: If there are facilities to a CO for wholesale but that CO doesn't have enough last mile facilities for wholesale, they will deliver a "special access" circuit as the last mile.
MLEC   AT&T PNT Metro Ethernet
MMEC   AT&T MIS delivered via fiber

CUXX   COX Metro Ethernet
L3XX   COX Internet over Ethernet
L9XX   COX Metro Ethernet


UNE - Unbundled Network Elements

Service Codes

Code /	Access or non / Service Code Description
AC	Access	Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
AG	Non	Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – Convertible Subscriber Rates
AH	Access	High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) 
AI	Non	Automatic Identified Outward Dialing
AQ	Non	High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL)
AR	Non	Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) 
AS	Non	ATM Circuit 
BB	Non	Digital Data - 3 Mbps 
BC	Non	Digital Data - 4.5 Mbps 
BD	Non	Digital Data - 6 Mbps 
BE	Non	Digital Data - 7.5 Mbps 
BG	Non	Digital Data - 9.0 Mbps 
BH	Non	Digital Data - 10.5 Mbps 
BI	Non	Digital Data - 12.0 Mbps 
BL	Non	Bell and Lights 
BS	Non Siren Control
BU	Non	Digital Data – 4.0 Mbps
BV	Non	Digital Data – 10.0 Mbps
BW	Non	Digital Data - 22.0 Mbps
CA	Non	SST Access 
CE	Non	SST Station Line 
CN	Non	SST Network Trunk 
D1	Non	Digital Data-1536 Kbps 
D2	Non	Digital Data-1600 Kbps 
D3	Non	Digital Data-1664 Kbps 
D4	Non	Digital Data-1728 Kbps 
D5	Non	Digital Data-1792 Kbps 
D6	Non	Digital Data-1856 Kbps 
D7	Non	Digital Data-1920 Kbps 
D8	Non	Digital Data-1984 Kbps 
DC	Non	Digital Data 64Kbps 
DD	Non	Direct Dial - Alternate Design 
DH	Non	Digital Service – 1.544Mbps
DI	Non	Direct-in-Dial 
DK	Non	Data Link 
DM	Non	Digital Data - 19.2 Kbps 
DN	Non	Direct-Out-Dial- Alternate Design 
DO	Non	Direct- Out-Dial 
DP	Non	Digital Data - 2.4 Kbps 
DQ	Non	Digital Data - 4.8 Kbps 
DR	Non	Digital Data - 9.6 Kbps 
DV	Non	16 Kbps on the ’D’ Channel 
DW	Non	Digital Data - 56 Kbps 
DX	Non	Digital Data - 48 Kbps 
DY	Non	Digital Service (UNDER 1 Mbps) 
DZ	Non	64 Kbps on the ’D’ Channel 
EA	Non	Switched Access 
EB	Non	Electronic Business Service 
ED	Access	Digital High Capacity, 34.368 Mbps (E3)
EH	Access	Digital High Capacity, 139.264 Mbps (E4)
EI	Non	E911 Tandem Interconnection 
EJ	Access	Digital High Capacity, 2.048 Mbps (E1)
EK	Access	Digital High Capacity, 8.448 Mbps (E2)
EL	Non	Emergency Reporting Line 
EM	Non	Emergency Reporting Center Trunk 
EP	Non	Emergency Private-Switch Trunk - 911 
EQ	Non	Equipment-only (Network Element) Assignment
EV	Non	Enhanced Emergency Reporting Trunk 
EX	Access	Fractional E1 
FB	Non	Frame Relay - 192 Kbps 
FC	Non	Frame Relay - 320 Kbps 
FD	Non	Private Line- Data 
FD	Non	Private Line- Data 
FE	Non	Frame Relay - 448 Kbps 
FF	Non	Frame Relay - 576 Kbps 
FH	Non	Frame Relay - 704 Kbps 
FJ	Non	Frame Relay - 832 Kbps 
FK	Non	Frame Relay - 960 Kbps 
FL	Non	Fractional T-1 
FM	Non	Frame Relay - 1024 Kbps 
FN	Non	Frame Relay - 1088 Kbps 
FO	Non	Frame Relay - 1152 Kbps 
FP	Non	Frame Relay - 1216 Kbps 
FQ	Non	Frame Relay - 1280 Kbps 
FR	Non	Fire Dispatch 
FS	Non	Foreign Exchange Trunk - Alternate Design 
FT	Non	Foreign Exchange Trunk 
FU	Non	Frame Relay - 1344 Kbps 
FV	Non	Voice Grade Facility 
FW	Non	Wideband Channel 
FX	Non	Foreign Exchange Line 
FY	Non	Frame Relay - 1408 Kbps 
FZ	Non	Frame Relay - 1472 Kbps 
GA	Non	Digital Data - 128 Kbps 
GB	Non	Digital Data - 192 Kbps 
GC	Non	Digital Data - 256 Kbps 
GD	Non	Digital Data - 320 Kbps 
GE	Non	Digital Data - 384 Kbps 
GF	Non	Digital Data - 448 Kbps 
GG	Non	Digital Data - 512 Kbps 
GH	Non	Digital Data - 576 Kbps 
GI	Non	Digital Data - 640 Kbps 
GJ	Non	Digital Data - 704 Kbps 
GK	Non	Digital Data - 768 Kbps 
GL	Non	Digital Data - 832 Kbps 
GM	Non	Digital Data - 896 Kbps 
GN	Non	Digital Data - 960 Kbps 
GO	Non	Digital Data - 1024 Kbps 
GP	Non	Digital Data - 1088 Kbps 
GQ	Non	Digital Data - 1152 Kbps 
GR	Non	Digital Data - 1216 Kbps 
GS	Non	Digital Data 1280 Kbps 
GT	Non	Digital Data - 1344 Kbps 
GU	Non	Digital Data - 1408 Kbps 
GV	Non	Digital Data - 1472 Kbps 
GW	Non	Fractional T3 
GX	Non	Fractional E1 
GY	Non	Digital Data - 16Kbps 
GZ	Non	Digital Data - 32 Kbps 
H2	Non	Digital High Capacity - 8.448Mb/s (E2 signal).
H3	Non	Digital High Capacity - 34.368Mb/s (E3 signal). 
H4	Non	Digital High Capacity - 139.264Mb/s (E4 signal). 
HA	Non	Non-DDS Digital Data, 1.2 Kbps 
HB	Non	Non-DDS Digital Data - 19.2 Kbps 
HC	Access	Digital High Capacity, 1.544 Mbps (DS1)
HD	Access	Digital High Capacity, 3.152 Mbps (DS1C)
HE	Access	Digital High Capacity, 6.312 Mbps (DS2)
HF	Access	Digital High Capacity, 44.736 Mbps (DS3)
HG	Access	Digital High Capacity, 274.176 Mbps (DS4)
HH	Access	Digital Service-Greater Than 44.736 Mbps. 
HI	Non	Digital Service - 44.736 Mbps 
HK	Non	Timing Signal - 1.544 Mbps 
HM	Non	Digital Service (Various Speeds) 
HN	Non	Digital Voice Circuit 
HP	Non	Non-DDS Digital Data - 2.4 Kbps 
HQ	Non	Non-DDS Digital Data - 4.8 Kbps 
HR	Non	Non-DDS Digital Data 9.6 Kbps 
HS	Access	High Capacity, Sub-Rate 
HT	Access	LAN Service, non-Ethernet 
HU	Non	Digital Service, 2.048 Mbps 
HW	Non	Non-DDS Digital Data - 56 Kbps 
HX	Access	Fractional T-1 
HY	Non	Non-DDS Digital Data - 64 Kbps 
HZ	Non	Private Line Service - 200 Mbps 
IA	Access	ISDN Basic Rate Access Line (Note C) 
IB	Non	ISDN Basic Access Line 
IP	Non	ISDN Primary Access Line 
IS	Non	Internet Protocol (IP) Secure Network Tunnel Service
IT	Non	Inter Tandem Tie Trunk 
JE	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET – VT1 Signal 
JI	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET – STS1 Signal 
JJ	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET - STS3 Signal 
JK	Access	SONET, STS12 Or STS12c Signal 
KC	Access	Local Area Data Channel 
LA	Non	Local AREA Data Channel (LADC) 
LB	Access	Voice - Non Switched Line 
LC	Access	Voice Switched Line 
LD	Access	Voice Switched Trunk 
LE	Access	Voice And Tone - Radio Land Line 
LF	Access	Data - Low Speed 
LG	Access	Basic Data And Voice 
LH	Access	Voice & Data PSN Access, Tie Trunk 
LJ	Access	Voice & Data SST Access 
LK	Access	Voice & Data-SST Access, Intermediate Trunk 
LL	Non	Long Distance Terminal Line 
LM	Non	LAN Service 
LN	Access	Data Extension, Voice Grade Data Facility 
LO	Non	Ethernet Connection Operating at 10 Mbps 
LP	Access	Telephoto And Facsimile. 
LQ	Access	Voice Grade Customized
LR	Access	Protective Relay-Voice Grade 
LS	Non	Local Service 
LT	Non	Long Distance Terminal Trunk 
LX	Access	Dedicated facility without equipment (Dark fiber, or copper loops).
LY	Access	Dedicated Facility - With Equipment 
LZ	Non	Ethernet Connection Operating at 10 Gbps
MD	Non	SONET - STS1 Signal 
ME	Non	SONET-STS3 Signal 
MF	Non	SONET - OC1 Signal 
MG	Non	SONET - OC3 Signal 
MH	Non	SONET - OC12 Signal 
MI	Non	SONET - OC24 Signal 
MJ	Non	SONET - OC48 Signal 
MK	Non	SONET - OC192 Signal 
MM	Non	SONET - VT1 Signal 
MN	Non	Optical Data Transport Service
MO	Non	SONET – Flexible Rate 
MP	Non	SONET - STS12 Signal 
MS	SONET - OC768 signal
MT	Non	Wired Music
ND	Non	Network Data Link
NT	Access	Protective Alarm-Metallic 
NY	Access	Telegraph Grade Facility - 150 Baud 
OA	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET - OC1 Signal 
OB	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET – OC3 Signal 
OD	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET - OC12 Signal 
OE	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET - OC24 Signal 
OF	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET – OC48 Signal 
OG	Access	Digital High Capacity, SONET - OC192 Signal 
OH	Access	SONET - OC768 signal
OI	Non	Off Premises Intercommunications Station Line 
ON	Non	Off Network Access Line 
OP	Non	Off Premises Extension 
OS	Non	Off-Premises PBX Station Line 
OZ	Access	Optical Data Transport Circuit 
PA	Non	Protective Alarm (AC Interface at Customer Premises)
PB	Access	Program Audio, 300-2500 Hz, Non Equalized 
PC	Non	Switched Digital Access Line 
PE	Access	Program Audio, 200-3500 Hz 
PF	Access	Program Audio, 100-5000 Hz 
PG	Non	Paging 
PJ	Access	Program Audio, 50-8000 Hz 
PK	Access	Program Audio, 50-15,000 Hz 
PL	Non	Private Line - Voice 
PN	Access	Program Audio - 20 Hz To 20,000 Hz 
PQ	Access	Program Grade Customized 
PR	Non	Protective RELAYING Voice-Grade 
PX	Non	PBX Station Line 
QA	Non	SMDS - DS1 Circuit 
QB	Non	Frame Relay - 512 KB 
QC	Non	SMDS - DS3 Circuit 
QD	Non	Packet DDS Access Line 
QE	Non	Frame Relay - 56 Kbps 
QG	Non	Frame Relay - 1.544 Mbps 
QH	Non	Frame Relay – End-to-End Service 
QI	Non	Frame Relay - 44.736 Mbps 
QJ	Non	Frame Relay - 384 Kbps 
QK	Non	Frame Relay - 64 Kbps 
QL	Non	Frame Relay - 128 Kbps 
QR	Non	Frame Relay - 256 Kbps 
QS	Non	Packet-SYNCHRONOUS Access Line 
QW	Non	Frame Relay - 640 Kbps 
QY	Non	Frame Relay - 768 Kbps 
QZ	Non	Frame Relay - 896 Kbps 
RT	Non	Radio Land Line 
SB	Access	Voice - Standard 
SD	Access	Voice - Improved 
SE	Access	WATS Access Line Service - Standard 
SF	Access	WATS Access Line Service - Improved 
SI	Access	Switched Access DS0 Service (Note C). 
SJ	Access	Limited Switch Access Line (LSAL) 
SL	Non	Secretarial Line 
SP	Access	PSTN Switched Service 
SS	Non	Data PHONE (R) Select-A-Station 
ST	Non	Digital Trunk 
SX	Access	Port - Line Side Switch Termination 
SY	Access	1.544 Mbps Timing Signal 
TB	Access	19.39 Mbps Video Channel Mpeg 
TC	Non	Control/Remote Metering Telegraph GRADE 
TD	Access	Component Serial Digital Video-Uncompressed (I.E. 270 Mbps) 
TE	Access	Component Serial Digital Video-Compressed (Requires A 
TG	Non	Central Office - Trunk-Side Termination 
TH	Non	Central Office - Trunk-Side Termination 
TI	Non	Central Office - Trunk Side Termination – Alternate Design 
TJ	Non	Local PBX Trunk - Alternate Design 
TK	Non	Local PBX Trunk 
TL	Non	Non-Tandem TIE Trunk 
TP	Access	Broadcast Television - Pal 
TQ	Access	Television Grade Customized 
TS	Access	Video - TV5 
TT	Non	Teletypewriter Channel
TV	Access	Television Channel, Video And Optional Audio 
TX	Non	Dedicated Facility-Without Equipment 
TY	Non	Dedicated Facility-With Equipment
TZ	Access	Non-Commercial Television 
UA	Access	Line Sharing Circuit
UC	Non	Voice Line 
UD	Non	Voice Trunk 
UE	Non	Audio Program (Non BROADCAST) 
UF	Non	Fractional T-1 (RPL) 
UG	Non	Analog Data 
UH	Non	Digital High Capacity 
UN	Non	Low Speed Signaling Custom 
UP	Non	Audio Program Custom (Non Broadcast) 
UQ	Non	Voice Grade Customized 
UR	Access	Line Splitting Service.
US	Non	Digital Data 
UX	Non	Digital Data Custom 
UY	Non	Low Speed Signaling 
UZ	Non	Basic Voice 
VC	Access	CATV (Cable Television) Transport Service
VF	Non	Commercial Television (Full-Time) 
VH	Non	Commercial Television (Part-Time) 
VM	Non	Control/Remote Metering Voice-Grade 
VR	Non	Non-Commercial Television 
VS	Non	Video Service
VV	Component Serial Digital Video-Uncompressed (i.e. 270 Mbps)
VW	Non	Video Service - 384 Kbps
VY	Non	Video Service - 1.544 Mbps 
WA	Access	Wideband Analog 
WC	Non	Wavelength Channel
WD	Access	Wideband Digital, Cellular, 824 - 894 MHz 
WI	Non	WATS Service Trunk 
WO	Non	WATS Line (OUT) 
WS	Non	WATS Trunk (OUT) 
WX	Non	WATS Service Line 
WY	Non	WATS Trunk, 2-WAY 
WZ	Non	WATS Line, 2-WAY 
XA	Access	Dedicated Digital, 2.4 Kb/S 
XB	Access	Dedicated Digital, 4.8 Kb/S 
XC	Access	Dedicated Digital, 19.2 Kb/S 
XD	Access	Dedicated Digital, 64 K/Bps 
XF	Access	Dedicated Digital Data, 38.4 Kb/S 
XG	Access	Dedicated Digital, 9.6 Kb/S 
XH	Access	Dedicated Digital, 56 Kb/S 
XI	Access	Dedicated Digital, 16 Kb/S 
XJ	Access	Dedicated Digital Data, 32 Kb/S 
XL	Non	TWX Access Line 
XR	Access	Dedicated Digital, Variable Bit Rate 
XZ	Non	Digital Data 64 CCC - OVERFLOW Service CODE 
YB	Access	Frame Relay, 1.544 Mbps 
YG	Access	Frame Relay, Less Than 1.544 Mbps 
YH	Access	Fractional T3 Or Multiple Ds1 Services, One By One. 
YI	Access	Frame Relay - 44.736 Mbps 
YN	Access	Digital Transmission 
ZA	Non	Alarm Circuits