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[http://www.altrec.com/outdoor-research/lighthaven-shelter?cm_sp=Baynote-_-DetailB-_-DetailPageAlsoWantA Outdoor Research LightHaven Shelter]
[http://www.altrec.com/outdoor-research/lighthaven-shelter?cm_sp=Baynote-_-DetailB-_-DetailPageAlsoWantA Outdoor Research LightHaven Shelter]
== Sleeping Pads ==
[http://pacoutdoor.com/sleeping-pads/view/ether-elite-6 Pacific Outdoor Equipment Ether Elite 6]

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Guy Stuff

Load outs for ESEE Challenge

More kits

Multipurpose Hobo Stove

My Personal Survival Kit

WhenSHTF Equipment Forum

Tactical H2O Review - Nesting gear

Things I want to add to my Bug Out Bag

Aquamira Frontier Pro water filter


Carabiners - Figure 9 Small

Chain saw blade style saw - Pocket Chainsaw

Duct tape

Fire starter: Light My Fire Scout Fire Steel or BSA Hot Spark

Fishing kit (fishing line on bobbin, hooks and sinkers)

Full brim hat

GSI Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup or Snow Peak Trek 700 - I've since read that the GSI Glacier can crack around the rim fairly easily


Metal pencil sharpener

Paracord (possibly braided)

Safety pins

Sewing kit

Sharpening stone

Tarp or cover (to build shelter) Silnylon, garbage bags

Thermal blanket


Water bottle or container (Platypus bag)


Extended kit

Paracord - longer lengths (100')



Marmot Mesh Bivy 1 2 Video

Outdoor Research LightHaven Shelter

Sleeping Pads

Pacific Outdoor Equipment Ether Elite 6